Marine interiors

Interiors for the most demanding boat spaces

You can imagine how specific and demanding the furniture and interiors of overseas ships are. There is a need to perfectly fit the state-of-the-art bridge technology, cabin comfort, the aesthetics of restaurants and bars with furniture that is at the same time quality and ready to meet all the challenges faced by sea travel around the world. 

Our experience in this segment of shipbuilding is extensive; thanks to the many years we have been working on such specific and large projects. The quality and professionalism of our work have been recognized by many. Furniture for ships needs to meet very specific standards and requirements. While working on these complex projects, we have gained additional knowledge and skills that we can now apply to make “ordinary” home furniture.

If you have a boat, a yacht, or even an ocean-crossing ship and you need to renovate or furnish the interior, feel free to contact us. There is no compromise when it comes to quality.

Exceptional experience gained from the smallest to the most luxurious ships.

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