This is how we started back in the year 1967…

Let us tell you our story

We started building the experience long ago, in 1967, when everything started as a small craft business for wood processing and wood furniture making. Years later, in 1990, this concept was ​​upgraded and switched from small crafts to a family business. There were already plans for production expansion, so at the end of the 90s we modernized the process and expanded the production plant, continuing to grow to this day.

Thanks to consistent modernization and the careful planning of the production, we have been able to accept and execute the most demanding jobs for years, such as making furnishings and interiors for the most modern ocean-crossing boats – our long-term cooperation with “Uljanik” shipyard, as well as with our foreign partners in the same or similar activities.

We have always believed that it is the people who make a business work. Our employees are professional and above all happy in their work place, as without them all the plans and investments would never work out.

Besides the more complex projects, we also manufacture furniture for your home and business space. Whether if it is a classic look or ultra-modern kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, wall shelves, bar stools, office desks, wallcoverings or anything else that an interior needs.

In addition to the above, we also do the professional upholstering services of furniture, and some of our works can be seen in the gallery.

Quality, personalization and tailor-made is what we believe in and work for. As our motto perfectly describes.

Made to fit. Completely.

… and this is how Baesa Furniture looks today.

Baesa Furniture video presentation

In this short video presentation, we will show you through our offices and production facility.

The project "Strengthening Company Competitiveness Baesa d.o.o."


Project bearer: Baesa d.o.o.
Total project amount: 375.050,00 kn
Total EU support amount: 240.032,00 kn
Name of the machine: CNC vertical processing center – mod. EKO 2.1 “Biesse”

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